A Natural History of Trail Ridge Road: Rocky Mountain National Park’s Highway to the Sky

As you’ve followed this blog, you’ve learned that I love to write about nature, especially what I can see around me in my home state of Colorado. One of my all time favorite places in Colorado is Trail Ridge Road, in Rocky Mountain National Park. With ten miles above 11,000 feet, Trail Ridge Road is unlike almost any other place in the country. Every time I go up there I see or hear or learn something that astounds me. It is an incredible place.Trail Ridge Road Pub Announcement

This is Rocky Mountain National Park’s 100th anniversary. http://www.nps.gov/romo/planyourvisit/100th-anniversary.htm

To help celebrate the Park’s Centennial, I have written a book about Trail Ridge Road. I am pleased to announce that  A Natural History of Trail Ridge Road: Rocky Mountain National Park’s Highway to the Sky will be published March 16, 2015 by The History Press. My hope is that Trail Ridge Road will help visitors understand the unique plants and animals they may see as the highway climbs to over 12,000 feet. But mostly, I hope that they will be as astonished as I am with the natural wonders of this unique place.   935.4 Trail Ridge Road PR

Trail Ridge Road traditionally opens around Memorial Day. The Park Service website should give the opening day.  I’ll see you there!

About Amy Law

Amy Law is a science geek. She feels about science the way some people feel about music, or art, or sports – a total and complete emotional connection. She thinks in science. For Amy, there’s nothing better than helping people see the beauty of science as she does. She loves to untangle a complicated subject into its parts, explaining it so that anybody can understand what’s happening. Let her show you her world...
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2 Responses to A Natural History of Trail Ridge Road: Rocky Mountain National Park’s Highway to the Sky

  1. Pat Law says:

    I can hardly wait to buy a copy. Where will I be able to get one? See you on Trail Ridge Road! Pat

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