Interview to air September 29

Two weeks ago Nathan Heffel of Colorado Public Radio and I went over Trail Ridge Road,

Bull elk bugling.

Bull elk bugling.

enjoying the amazing natural history of the Rocky Mountain National Park.

Join us as we see wild turkeys and elk, hike to an ancient hunting site, and pause to inspect the head of one of the enormous glaciers that carved into the mountains (Over Trail Ridge Road with Nathan Heffel). My interview with will air on CPR’s Colorado Matters Tuesday, September 29 at 10:00 am and repeats at 7:00. (90.1 FM, Colorado Matters).

About coloradogeography

Amy Law is a second-generation Coloradoan with a passion for her native state. This translated into a Master’s degree in Natural Resources from Colorado State University, and continues as a lifelong fascination with how people and nature interact. From family vacations in the station wagon to travel for work, she's covered the state, and everywhere she goes, she finds new things to see and ideas to explore.
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