Cedar Waxwings

Out for a walk with the dogs today, I saw robin-sized grey birds with subtle yellow bellies flitting from branch to branch in a crabapple tree, eating the shriveled fruit. As I looked closer at them, I saw that they had crests!


From Birds of Pennsylvania, Dzung Tran

Birds of Pennsylvania

Cedar waxwings!

I’ve only ever seen these strikingly beautiful birds once before, for just a moment. I’m grateful for a second look. In a way, it’s strange that I haven’t seen them more often, because according to Birds of North America, cedar waxwings live in Colorado foothills and up all year round.

Even better news is that, with the planting of fruit and ornamental trees, and the reduction of pesticides, cedar waxwings are on the increase. Yippee!

I used to carry my camera with me every time I took the dogs for a walk. I got a lot of great photos that way, and I would have gotten some nice ones today. But somehow, I got out of the habit. I therefore had to download these magnificent photos from the internet.


From Adventures in Mothland, David Beadle

Adventures in Mothland

Maybe I’ll start hauling my camera along again…

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7 Responses to Cedar Waxwings

  1. Wow, they really are striking. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any around my hood. I just read the Denver Post article about the Snowy Owls hanging out a Stanley Lake. That’s yet another reason to consider carrying a camera around…just in case. 🦉

  2. Tracy Abell says:

    Lucky you, Amy! I haven’t seen them in Colorado, either. We used to get them in Anchorage when they’d fly around, drunk off fermented berries. They’re beautiful.

  3. TZ says:

    That’s so cool!

  4. keh says:

    we have a couple that just showed up at our house to hang out in our backyard pond. highlands ranch.

  5. Anne S. says:

    Today is the first time in 25 years to see waxwings at my feeder. I just saw 4-5 Waxwings drinking water from a backyard dish in Fort Collins – beautiful sight!

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