Nest watch

Yesterday I went out to the Red-tailed Hawk nest that I’ve been watching. Here’s what I saw: Bullocks oriel-5

As I arrived, I saw the flash of orange of a Bullock’s oriole. These showy birds live in the mountain shrub community of the foothills. Always a pleasure to see them.



Several Killdeer live in the marshy area next to a gravel parking lot. I always have a really hard time seeing these birds — either they blend in well with the surrounding gravel and dirt, or they are in the rushes hiding.

RT nest with plant

Of course, I always search the nest to see what’s happening there. This time, I noticed something a little odd. Do you see it? The spot of green on the rim is a plant growing in the twigs. I don’t think hawks would let a plant grow up in the nest. With that, I have to reluctantly say that this year, the Red-tailed Hawks nested someplace else.

But they’ll be back, and so will I.

About coloradogeography

Amy Law is a second-generation Coloradoan with a passion for her native state. This translated into a Master’s degree in Natural Resources from Colorado State University, and continues as a lifelong fascination with how people and nature interact. From family vacations in the station wagon to travel for work, she's covered the state, and everywhere she goes, she finds new things to see and ideas to explore.
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2 Responses to Nest watch

  1. Tracy Abell says:

    Darn! But I’m glad you had those other bird sightings!

  2. At least you got to see the oriole!

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