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Zoe the Corgi Snores

Zoe is a small dog — I think she is the smallest dog we’ve ever had — just about 20 pounds. She is small enough to pass under Tegan, who is not a tall dog.     For a corgi, … Continue reading

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A little corgi dropped in and wanted to stay.

It was hard to lose our corgi, Darwin, but it was time. Still, we all missed him greatly. (The Gift Of the Dying Dog) Then we got a call from our veterinary clinic, asking if we were ready to adopt … Continue reading

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The Gift Of the Dying Dog

Hemingway said that all true stories end in death. This, then, is a true story… Autumn, 2011 My son wanted a dog of his own. We said no.  We already had two dogs. He only had two years before he … Continue reading

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What Friends Do

We got Darwin, the pure bred, championship-quality Pembroke Welsh Corgi, as a freebie from our vet. Why? Darwin was born with an incurable heart problem that was supposed to kill him within his first few months. With a new medication, … Continue reading

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What went into this mutt?

We’ve been having a lot of fun with Tegan, the new puppy. We play with her constantly. And between ourselves, we try to guess what breeds of dogs her parents were. She is long and low. The gene for short-leggedness … Continue reading

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Puppy Play

We got a new puppy in November, and it has been a pleasure to watch her as she grows. We named her Tegan, which is a Welsh term of endearment that means “number one girl”, “sweetie”, “honeybunch”. She is a … Continue reading

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Dogs and Raccoons Battle to 1-1 Draw

My dogs got me up at 3:00 this morning to tell me that the raccoon we have visiting the backyard was back. I stumbled downstairs in a waking-up-from-deep-sleep daze to let them out. I always turn the light on before … Continue reading

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Dog as God’s Messenger

When we got our golden retriever-chow mix from the Denver Dumb Friends League, we thought she looked like a fox. In honor of this, we named her Kurama Kitsune, “mountain fox” in Japanese. My daughter came up with the name … Continue reading

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How to Shoot Your Dog…With a Camera

It is that time of year again.  Lyn is looking for photos of your dog for the Pet Therapy Calendar.  Having had less than total success with professional photographers lately, many of you are considering taking the pictures yourselves. And … Continue reading

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