Chemistry of Love

    Don’t you love that magical feeling you get being around your special someone? The brush of their hand against yours, the connection when you look into their eyes, the warm feelings of a mother nursing her child. When it happens, you feel secure and content.
    All these feelings are related to bonding between people. And they are all due to the hormone oxytocin – the self-made love potion.
    Oxytocin is a hormone made in brains of mammals (and at least some birds). Our brains release it when we have a “bonding moment” as varied as touching, making love, or childbirth. When oxytocin is released, contentment, calmness and security goes up, anxiety goes down. Oxytocin is the love hormone.
    So go out this Valentine’s Day and give someone the gift of oxytocin. You’ll both feel better.